dinsdag 20 november 2012

Christmas Branches

Brighten up your Christmas branches with neon christmas decoration.

 DIY! Make your own chrochet Christmas balls with different colors of wool. I used mint,two types of grey and neon yellow.
Start with 5 stitches and make it toghether. Make 10 stitches in the ring. Than put two stitches in every 10 stitches. Than make a round with 20 stitches. Make some rounds and put two stitches in every 5th stitch. Put in the ball to try if it fits and otherwise make more stitches. After a few rounds you start to reducing stitches. After every 5 stitches you skip the next stitch and so on until you shrink enough. Don't forget to put in your ball on time! Complete the rounds until your christmas crochet ball is closed. Than make some chain stitches to make a litte rope. And decorate it with wooden star or beads. The styrofoam balls you can buy at the Wibra store.
Have fun making!

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