woensdag 16 mei 2012

DIY Easy pull needlework nautic sneakers

Because my little daughter Pleun has problems tying here shoelaces I made these needlework nautic sneakers.
What do you need?

1. pair of sneakers ( I bought these grey jersey shoes for 5,95 at Scapino store starting at size 28)
2. mtr. Nautic elastic robe ( I bought in a Nautic shop and you can use all colors).
2 Easy pull buckles.
Needlework materials/pattern.
Pair of siccors.

Step 1:

Step 2: Choose a nice pattern I used nautic patterns.
Put a small piece of the needlework fabric on the shoe and make your pattern on the shoe.

Step 3: Pull out the white yarn from the needlework fabric.

Step 4: You make on both shoes the needle-work ready.

Step 5: Put in the elastic nautic rope.

Step 6: Pull in the ropestoppers.

Step 7: Make a knot.

Step 8: Cut of the rest of the elastic rope.

Step 9: Burn the ends of the elastic.

Step 10: Ready! Have fun making.