zondag 12 december 2010

Christmas in progress

This weekend we are preparing our home for Christmas. We took a Christmas tree from the forest.
( Nearby our town on a special Christmas Tree dig/saw day in the woods of "Staatsbosbeheer") It seamed that we where not the only one's. At 10.00 AM thousands of people did the same ( They had a special on the television of this digging and sawing thing). That's why we had on 14.00 PM the last and thinnest tree of the whole forest! But the tree is so "natural" that it looks great. But in the forest the tree looked much smaller! So we had to re-build our home to fit in. Than seaching for all the decoration. Pff... what a day! But now it's ready and we enjoy the big tree. Now I'm finishing the Danish little red flag's for in the kitchen. The free crochet pattern you can find on the site of Karen Klarbaecks.