zaterdag 12 juni 2010


Yesterday we came back from London. Spitalfield market , Marlybone,Notthing Hill. My favorite shop was the Liberty shop. And the new area around the old beer factory Truman. Dinner at the Carluccio's Italian and Story Deli for the best Garlic bread! Big kisses for my parents. They looked after the kids and dog.

Re-styled bedroom

Here some pictures of our "re-styled" bedroom. New Ikea bed and the floor painted white. Bought a vintage lamp ( with vintage ribbon gift of Jurianne Matter), closet from the secondhandshop bought for 7,00 euro's and painted in blue and white. I'm happy it is ready! Because I had no help of Harm ( husband) because he was in China for his work. But my son Teun was so kind to help me with all the heavy stuff. Buying the bed by myselve and Teun was a real expedition itselves in my old Renault Kangoo. I sleep like a rose now! The Fabric letter "S" I bought in London at Anthropologie.